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RaiseRight Instructions formally shop with scrip

How to Open Your SCRIP Account

  1. Go to

  2. At the top of the screen, click the [Join A Program] button.

  3. Add the Program Enrollment Code: C258L6242857L
    This code will associate you with the WHS Band.

Presto Pay

You must register for Presto Pay. This is the only payment method accepted by the WHS Band for SCRIP payments.

  1. Log in at

    • Click Dashboard.

    • Under “family functions,” click on PRESTOPAY. This is where you will enter your banking information. GLSC (Great Lakes Scrip Center) does not accept Credit Cards. Debits for gift card purchases will be via the checking account linked to your PrestoPay account.

  2. You will receive a notice that 2 small sums have been deposited into your bank account from GLSC. This is their verification that the account is correct. Once you receive those deposits, return to PrestoPay and confirm the amounts.

  3. Once this is completed, you will receive a code from GLSC. This code will need to be sent to Sharlon O’Neal so that your account can be activated.

You are now ready to earn band credits and support the WHS Band! ScripNow is available immediately. Gift cards will be mailed to the coordinator who will arrange for distribution.

Questions? Contact Sharlon O’Neal.

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