Bingo at the VFW is currently the Wildcat Pride’s biggest fundraiser. The money it raises helps reduce the cost of every member’s fees. Volunteers who work bingo also receive a “thank-you” credit towards their band dues for each date they help.

The Band Booster Club manages several nights a week of bingo for the VFW post on Powers Ferry Road near the former Harry’s Market. On each of those nights, four booster volunteers sell tickets, run the cash register, work the floor, and call the numbers. For three to four hours of fun work, you get $25* towards your band dues and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped make our band program a success.

*Timely arrival is critical to helping the other Wheeler workers and serving the customers who arrive to play Bingo.  Volunteers earn monetary credits based on the following schedule:

The fee is $36.25 and will be reimbursed as a credit towards your band dues when you work your first Bingo event.


Bingo workers must be at least 18 years old. You must complete paperwork, be fingerprinted, and be cleared through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Approval takes a few weeks, so be sure to complete your paperwork well in advance of when you want to work.

Once you’re approved, you will receive regular emails with available dates. Check the calendar for bingo event dates and times.

Bingo Approval

All bingo workers must be at least 18 years old and cleared through the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

To obtain clearance to work bingo events:
1. Complete the Personal History and Background Form B02 and give it to the Band Bingo Coordinator, Sunte Rollins. She will attach a cover letter to this and forward this to the GBI.

Here are answers to some questions on the B02 form that can be confusing:

  • Name of Organization of which this personal history is a part (include Post/Lodge/Club No.) Wheeler High School Band Booster Club

  • Are you a member of this organization? Yes

  • How long have you been a member of this Post?Lodge/Club? [Enter how long you have been a Booster member]

  • Your position in organization? Booster Club Member

  • Salary? None: Volunteer

  • Type of Membership (Regular, Auxilliary, Honorary, Associate, other) Regular

2. Sign up for finger printing at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation web site.  Click “Bingo” to complete the screen.
Save your registration ID number (or print that screen)

The fee is $36.25 and will be reimbursed as a credit on your band account when you work your first Bingo event.

3. Go to a “print location” to get fingerprinted. On the left hand side click on find a fingerprint location.

4. The band bingo coordinator will be notified when you are approved, usually in two weeks. If you haven’t heard anything three weeks after being fingerprinted, let the coordinator know.

Additional Information

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